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Stereolize is a German agency for high-end presentations, event shows and interactive applications. Located in Munich, we have projects all over the world for renowned clients such as Microsoft or Porsche. We usually work with Ventuz, a 3D-realtime-tool that allows brilliant designs in combination with the latest technological features.

For layouting and interface design we are seeking a dedicated, imaginative designer who doesn't mind travelling. You should know your way around Photoshop, enjoy challenges and have a tendency to go beyond the common ideas and established solutions. You don't need to have years of work experience, it is much more important that you provide fresh and unique designs. A degree of some sort in art design or communications design would be nice, but if you are a talented autodidact, we won't insist on a diploma.

We offer a job in a creative surrounding with projects that always reach for the limits of technological possibility. You will learn new tools and technologies, see a bit of the world and work on the biggest, most exciting scenes you can think of. If you want to see your craziest and most innovative ideas realized, then you should send us your CV and work samples.